GAME CHANGING SKINCARE ITEM | Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence

It has been a tough week so we’re so grateful for this weekend and the time away from work and worries! How has your week been? Let’s treat ourselves and give our skin some much needed TLC. In this review we’ll be talking about a skin essence that Helen found on Amazon. It is the Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence. LOTS of people have compared this product to the ever so popular SKI II Facial Essence, so we had to give this a try…!! 


This is a facial skin essence that will brighten and whiten your skin tone by renewing damaged skin cells and developing healthier ones. It contains 95% of galactomyces (a type of fungus apparently?!) which helps enhance your complexion by deeply nourishing the skin, and at the same time it provides hydration to keep the skin looking smooth and supple. This can be bought on Amazon for ~$23.


Helen first stumbled across this as she was browsing through Amazon. Somehow she stumbled across the Asian skincare line, and then facial essences, and then finally this little guy. It had pretty good reviews, all of which were 4-5 stars at least, although it didn’t exactly have a lot of reviews. Given neither of us had tried a facial essence before, Helen decided to give it a try, especially given this was so affordable next to the SK-II Essence which usually goes for well over $100. After using it once, Helen was hooked!! It soothed and hydrated her sensitive, dry-combo skin – something that’s pretty hard to do given how sensitive her skin is. She found her skincare gem!

This facial essence gives that little bit of extra hydration without feeling heavy. As a quick note, facial essences typically help to give you an extra dose of hydration or can help with the texture of your skin, depending what the essence is trying to target. You usually apply it after you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, but before moisturizing. This essence isn’t the consistency of water, it’s a little thicker, but the essence is clear and sinks into the skin really quickly. It definitely soothes your skin, even when it’s super tired, uneven, and dry! After using it consistently, we’ve noticed that it has helped hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it softer and more supple.

While the essence is meant to be a ‘whitening’ essence, we didn’t notice that it lightened our skin – which for us, isn’t a priority anyways but if that’s something that is important to you, it might be good to keep in mind. As well, we’ve only found it available through Amazon, which to be honest isn’t that difficult to get your hands on but again, good to keep in mind. Overall though, it’s a fantastic product that we highly recommend! Even if you’re new to facial essences, give a try, invest in your skincare! 😉

Pros Cons
  • Cheaper than most facial essences
  • Almost instant results
  • Smooths and hydrates skin
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Easy step to include in skin care routine
  • Not readily available to purchase
  • Not whitening(?)

Are you convinced to give it a try yet? 🙂 If you do, let us know in the comments below! Also let us know if you have any other favourites from Cosrx – it’s a new brand we’re exploring and we’d love to try out some skincare that you love too!

Thanks for stopping by and liking our post, we hope you have an awesome week ahead!


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