Katelyn’s Weekly Wish List

Hello beautiful people! Last weekend was a really busy time for both Helen and myself so we skipped our usually scheduled post last week. Hope we can make it up by sharing some awesome items on my wish list this week.

Milani Perfect and Conceal Foundation

This foundation blew up the beauty field when it first hit the scene. It was clearly dubbed one of the best drugstore foundations out there and many still stand by that statement Milani has really upped their game and has raised the bar for other foundations in general. It apparently has really great coverage; so when you want to achieve that airdbrushed look then I think this foundation can do that for you. Where I live, I don’t normally scene a fully stocked display of Milani products but recently we discovered a Rexall that carried the entire line…so I will probably be a making a trip sometime in the future. Review perhaps? 😉

Too Cool for School Coconut Ceramide Mask

I’m a huge sucker for anything skincare and recently I’ve been indulging in more sheet masks. Now when you add coconut into the equation how can I say no?! I’ve tried other products from this line before and have really enjoyed the results, so I have high expectations for this mask. I’m most looking forward to the scent of coconuts and hopefully when I try it it’ll transport me to a tropical island getaway.

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Face Palette

This palette includes a blush, bronzer and highlighter and man does it look cool. The highlighter looks stunning, the bronzer isn’t too warm toned and the blush looks like it’ll give a nice wash of colour. The packaging has a funky design but most importantly the product on the inside looks so promising. Kathleenlights gave a mini-review on this not too long ago and ever since I’ve been tempted to make a trip down to Target to grab me this limited edition product. It won’t be there forever…

What are your thoughts on my wish list this week? Tried any? Heard about them? Should I try them?! Too many questions but so little money…haha Anyways let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see us review any of these or if you’ve given of these a try. We will be back on schedule this week for a review posted on Sunday so stay tuned!


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