Product Empties: Would we repurchase?

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed Katelyn’s weekly wish list this week. Apologies in advance if it inspired anyone to make some unforeseen purchases 😛 This week we will be talking about several different products we’ve completely used up and we will be sharing whether or not we think they were worth repurchasing.

Katelyn’s Products

FAB Ultra Repair Cream

As someone who suffers from Sahara Desert dry skin I’m always looking for creams, lotions, and potions to remedy my temperamental skin. A 6oz container costs $37CAD, however I have repurchased this cream several times but only in a set. Why buy it by itself when it comes in a set with other products for pretty much the same price!? I love this cream because it’s super hydrating but it’s not oily and sinks into the skin very quickly. A little goes a long way so one container can last you for a couple months. I will continue to buy this cream as long as there is a set that contains a full size.

Fab Ultra Repair Cream

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This makeup remover from neutrogena is able to get rid of the eye-makeup pretty well, and I’ve tried it on brushes/sponges before and it does a decent job at removing makeup. However, there isn’t anything special in my opinion about this product. I don’t like how it leaves an oily slip on my face (despite being oil-free) after using it and ever since finding out about the makeup remover cloths I’ve not used any makeup removers. I will not be purchasing this again.Neutrogena Eye Makeup RemoverPure Smile Gold Sheet Mask

Helen gave me this sheet mask from her trip to Japan last year and she told me it cost maybe a little over one Canadian dollar. I was surprised how this super cheap sheet mask made my face feel. What really amazed me was the fact that my face that is normally combo and very oily wasn’t oily at all the day after I used this mask. You know when you’re just having a great skin day, well that is how I felt after this amazing mask. I will most likely be making an amazon purchase soon to stock on some of these.

Helen’s Products

Mediheal Pomegranate Ade Mask

I found this gem at my local supermarket, Superstore, because I fell for the cute package :p I love smoothies, doesn’t this just look delicious?? It was also very affordable, less than $2 and I’m so glad I picked this one up! It works great, definitely a hydrating sheet mask. The packaging says this mask is good for hydration and skin firming, though I didn’t really feel any firming (which I’m not that surprised about). Overall, good buy. They have a quite a range of other fruits, each with its own skin focus, so I’ll definitely look into other ones too.

bareMinerals All-Over-Face Color, A Little Sun

This is one of my holy grail bronzers – I’ve repurchased this for years and years now and I always fall back to the All Over Face Colours whenever I look for a good bronzer I can count on. This one is in the shade ‘A Little Sun’ but I’ve also switched between this and some of their other bronze colours, ‘Warmth’ and ‘Faux Tan’. This one has a slight bit of shimmer (definitely nothing chunky or glittery) but I believe Warmth And Faux Tan do not. This one is described as a ‘sunlit copper rose’ (though I find it more bronze than rose, I’ve never used this as a blush, only a bronzer), Warmth is a ‘chestnut’ and Faux Tan is a ‘sunlit bronze’ – all in all though, I like them all, I find the colours to be fairly similar which is why I switch them out every now and then, but I love them all!

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I first bought this after Youtuber Jen Nim recommended this new BB water so I thought I’d give it a try, especially since I was looking for a lightweight foundation to use on an every day basis (plus there’s SPF!). When I first tried it, I liked how it applied, it’s definitely a lightweight formula, very water with light coverage. However, the more I’ve worn it, the more indifferent I’ve become. I tend to prefer medium coverage foundation on an every day basis and this just doesn’t cut it. I find that you can only really get to light coverage and I don’t think it really layers, it starts to get streaky when you apply too much. I don’t think it’s that bad of a foundation, especially when it is marketed as a BB water rather than a foundation, which does tend to be light coverage, it’s just not really what I wanted in a foundation. So for this reason, I won’t repurchase, but if you want a light coverage BB water, go for it!

Hope you found these mini-reviews helpful. Let us know if you’d like to see more of these types of reviews/blog posts. We want to post information that you, our readers, find helpful 🙂 Until next week!


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