Katelyn’s Weekly Wishlist

How’s it going? Anyone ready for the weekend because I know I am! Summer is finally showing up, so stores are also gearing up for summer sales. Sooooo… why don’t I share with you guys some products that I’ve been thinking about lately.

Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

Can we just take a minute to admire the beauty that is this palette… It looks stunning… The variety and selection of eyeshadows look so beautiful. I’ve heard they’re super pigmented and creamy. You could do so many eye looks with this one palette since it includes matte and shimmery shades. It is already of out stock on Sephora so obviously people like this product, but the only problem for me is that it comes with a hefty price tag. In a perfect world though this palette would be sitting on my marble vanity (I don’t have a vanity 😛 ).


With the sunshine we’ve been getting, my skin has definitely felt more dry. I have a small sample of this mask and I love it so much. I’m so sad that I’ll be finishing it soon, but this is something I really want to buy because it simply works. My skin feels so hydrated and plump (in a good way) with moisture after leaving it on for only 20-30min. I found immediate relief and results with this product and even though it’s pricey I’m so tempted to buy a full size. The struggle is real…

Quay Sunglasses – Black Fades

This isn’t a beauty product but it is still something that I’ve wanted for a while. Not everyone knows this but I have a problem when it comes to sunglasses. I don’t buy expensive ones but I buy too many cheap ones. I just love how they can just make a look and give your outfit extra chic points (because that’s what very chic people say..duh..myself not included). I’ve known about this brand of sunglasses for a while now since I follow Desi Perkins on Youtube. I must say, this is a collab done right. I’ve never wanted a pair of sunnies this bad… too bad the black fades are already sold out but who knows this might be the first pair of expensive glasses I buy 😛

Let’s all pray for me as I may potentially put my bank account through the ringer with these possible purchases. Let me know if you guys have or want to try any of the things I’ve mentioned. I offer myself as tribute if you want me to review any of these (if you didn’t catch it, that was a Hunger Games reference).


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