Nyx: Butter Lipstick

Bonjour friends! Had a fantastic week so far? We sure hope so! We also hope you had a chance to check out last week’s blog post on Pantene’s Moisture Mist. If you haven’t already, check it out! It’s one of our favourite hair products and it’s a drugstore item, readily available – what are you waiting for? ūüėČ

This week we’ll be kickin’ it back to an oldie but a goodie… ready for some lip swatches?


You can find up to 34 different shades in the¬†Butter Lipsticks range from Nyx¬†. It’s supposed to¬†deliver highly saturated colour that gives you a full-yet-lightweight coverage with a satin finish.¬†It retails for $6USD/$8.99CAD.


Left to right: Boardwalk, West Coast, Snowcone, Licorice

Left to right: Boardwalk, West Coast, Snowcone, Licorice


We first discovered this range at London Drugs before the brand exploded to what it is now. The Nyx displays are significantly larger than¬†most of the brands at the drugstore. A full blown Nyx-only cosmetic store just opened up in our city!? This brand has really taken off and for good reason. These Butter Lipsticks were¬†a stepping stone for us¬†and has inspired many other¬†purchases from Nyx (future reviews ūüėČ ).When we first bought these lippies, it came in a set of three and as you all know why buy one when you can get three for a lower price ūüėõ Needless to say, we bought more after trying¬†a set.

This is definitely a good lipstick at the drugstore; there is a good selection of colours and¬†it is very pigmented and creamy. There is a subtle¬†scent which we think kind of smells like a slightly sweet crayon, but it is not overpowering at all¬†and after application it isn’t noticeable.¬†In terms of the packaging, we love¬†that it’s¬†colour coordinated, so¬†it makes it easy to spot and choose one within our collection of lip products.

As this is a cream lipstick it is not very long lasting and transfers easily. This is the main reason why we prefer some higher end brands, however for it’s price it is a good lipstick in our opinion.

Bare lips

Bare lips

Boardwalk – previously known as Snow Cap; beige with pink undertone

West Coast – previously known as Candy Buttons; peachy pink

Snowcone Рpreviously known as Taffy; fuscia 

Moonlit Night – previously known as Licorice; deep burgundy

Pros Cons
  • Good pigmentation
  • Creamy
  • Colour-coordinated packaging
  • Affordable
  • Good colour selection
  • Transfers, not longlasting¬†

Let us know if you give these lippies a try and share with us which shades are your favourite. We didn’t get to post a wishlist last week, but for this week Katelyn will share a few extra things on her shopping wish list (soon to be in her credit card statement ūüėõ ).


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