Pantene Pro-V: Moisture Mist Detangler

Hi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your weekends! I know some of you are already dreading the start of a new work week, but try not to think about it too much yet. Take some time for yourself! During your downtime you should check out Helen’s wish list this week. Retail therapy can be a great way to de-stress 😉

This week we are giving our hair a bit of TLC with the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Mist Detangler (what a mouthful). Helen was the first to discover this product and soon after shared her new discovery with Katelyn and the rest is history.


The moisture mist detangler separates, smooths, and detangles your hair while moisturizing and strengthening it in order to achieve any style you want. It is meant for all hair types that are in need of a drink of water. It also works on colour-treated or permed hair. This can be used daily to nourish your hair before styling.

This is meant to be sprayed on damp hair where moisture or detangling is needed. Comb it through and do not rinse it out, then simply carry on with your styling routine.

The bottle contains 252mL and retails for about $5.99USD/$7.99CAD but as you know we love to find great deals and we managed to buy ours for only $3.99CAD!

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If you are looking for an affordable way to moisturize and detangle your hair we think this product is a great option. It does pretty much everything it claims to do which is to moisturize, smooth, and detangle your hair. With a price tag of less than $5, it’s hard to beat.

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Spray nozzle

After applying it for the first time we immediately noticed that our hair was much smoother and had a healthy sheen to it; there was an immediate difference in the texture of our hair. Katelyn was worried that this product might weigh down her hair, since she has very fine strands, but it didn’t do that. As it says on the bottle, it’s great for light conditioning where you want it. It’s also a great product to use on wet or dry hair, perfect for toning down frizzy hair or giving your hair some extra hydration. Given that it’s also in a spray bottle, it’s very easy to use in your hair and distribute the product evenly.

The product is lightly scented and smells kind of like a sweet scented hairspray… if you see it in store and smell it, you’ll know what we mean! 😛 While we find the scent pleasant and not overpowering (the light scent lingers for a couple hours but fades quickly), some people that may be sensitive to scents may not like it. As well, while we find the product is great for light conditioning, we can’t say for sure if it’s helped to strengthen our hair. We personally haven’t noticed a reduction in breakage or split ends.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Immediate difference in hair texture, light conditioning
  • Helps to detangle and tame frizziness
  • Doesn’t weigh down hair
  • Great for colour-treated hair that has been weakened with bleaching
  • Can use on wet or dry hair
  • Pleasant smelling for us
  • Easy to apply
  • Scented – may bother some people
  • Hard to tell if this has strengthen hair –

Overall, we definitely recommend this hair mist for all hair types! Try to look for sales but even without one, it’s still pretty affordable. Have you given it a try yet or have you seen it in store? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by and liking our post, we hope you have a great week. Don’t forget to come back Thursday to see Katelyn’s new weekly wishlist post!



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