Covergirl: The Super Sizer Mascara

Ola! Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend. Its the Easter break for us in Canada and the sun has happily joined us. Hope you found our last post on the Revlon brow pencil helpful! Although it wasn’t one of our absolute favourites, everyone has different preferences and that’s what keeps things interesting!

For this week we are focusing on the flirtatious feature that is our lashes 😉 Mascara has been one of the makeup items that we’ve constantly been buying and testing since we first started playing with makeup. We’ve heard lots of hype over this Covergirl mascara from Youtubers and bloggers so we decided to try it out for ourselves.


This mascara from the LashBlast line claims to give you 400% more volume for a full fanned out look. With just a twirl, even the smallest lashes are said to be transformed to give a super sized lash look (hence the name 😛 ). It is opthalmologically tested and suitable for those who wear contacts.

It comes in three colours: Very Black 800, Black 805, Black Brown 810. We paid $6.97 CAD (on sale) for this 0.4oz/12ml tube of mascara, however prices can range from ~$6-9 CAD and generally cost around the same in the US.

Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara


This product definitely gives you lash definition and the Very Black formula we’ve tried gives you lashes you can actually see! With this mascara, you get nice volume while also adding some length. The formula a good balance, so its not too thick or too wet. It’s very easy to apply and the fine tip brush allows you to reach those stubborn lashes at the inner and outer corners. Whether you have short or long lashes, we think this is a great everyday mascara for anyone.

Mascara Wand


The formula is buidable, however it can become clumpy when you try to build it up too much, so that’s why we always have a lash comb on hand just in case we get carried away. Also, we found that this mascara isn’t totally smudge-proof and can transfer a little onto the lower lash line, although we’ve never had a huge issue with raccoon eyes. It’s also able to hold a curl pretty well, even by the end of the night.

We definitely suggest you wait for a sale if you want to try this product! Prices range from ~$6-9 and based on our many trips to the makeup aisle, we can confidently say that Covergirl has sales pretty frequently, so there is no need to pay full price. All in all, it’s a great mascara with an affordable price tag – the perfect everyday mascara!

Pros Cons
  • Lash defining
  • Very Black colour is super black
  • Volumizing and lengthening
  • Fine tip brush, easy to apply, get in the corners
  • Good formula (not too thick or wet)
  • Great everyday mascara
  • Can get clumpy
  • Can transfer a little

We haven’t tried the waterproof formula yet so let us know in the comments below which you prefer! We hope you have a great week, thanks for commenting and liking! Check back on Thursday if you want to see Katelyn’s Weekly Wishlist 🙂


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