Revlon: ColorStay Brow Pencil

Aloha beautiful people! (It’s raining where we are, so sometimes we like to imagine we are on the sunny sandy beaches of Hawaii 😛 ) Hope you were able to catch our last post on Bite lipglosses. The colours are seriously out of this world…If you like shiny, metallic, beautiful lips then check out last weeks post for a full review and swatches.

For this week we are focusing on the facial feature that is known for “framing” your face (insert voguing dance moves)… THE BROWS! The only product, aside from concealer (because that is a must-have), that Katelyn could not live without is a brow pencil. Her collection of brow pencils has grown extensively over the years, so doing a review on the Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil was a no-brainer.


The Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil has an angled tip on one side to help fill your brows accurately and precisely, along with a spoolie brush on the other side to help blend. The colour is soft, blendable, and waterproof so your brows should stay on all day. There are 5 different shades: blonde, soft brown, auburn, dark brown, and soft black. They retail for about $10.99 CAD and $6.45 USD for 0.01 oz.

To define your brows, outline your desired brow shape with the angled tip first. Then fill in sparse areas with the flat side. Use the spoolie to blend the colour out.


Katelyn has been a die-hard fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for a long time but unfortunately that pencil costs an arm and a leg coming in at $27CAD… The Revlon ColorStay brow pencil is a steal in comparison at $10.99 (standard for drugstore brow pencils). The formula is very pigmented and creamy and the shade selection is pretty standard for brow products. However, the addition of a “soft black” shade is something we can appreciate, because no black/brunette wants to look like they used a felt tip liner to draw in their brows. The shade Katelyn uses is “Dark brown” and it’s a fairly good match especially since her hair is a bit lighter than her usual brown/black hair. The big spoolie attached to the other end of the pencil is her favourite part of this pencil. It seamlessly blends out the product which helps give a more natural finish (trying to avoid the sharpie look).

As someone who is not blessed with full and bushy brows, Katelyn has always preferred brow pencils with finer tips. The small tip gives her more control/precision and allows her to make thin strokes that look more natural, especially in her sparser areas. Because the tip of the Revlon pencil is so wide, it’s difficult to create life-like hairs. The formula is a bit too creamy and catches onto certain parts of the brow, thus making application look uneven. So, lots of blending with the spoolie is needed to get the natural look Katelyn is going for. This product claims to be long-lasting, but alas it was no match for her oily skin 😛 It lasts a decent amount of time but it is not smudge proof. A couple of hours after applying this product, she accidentally rubbed her face and erased the tip of her brow in the process. Needless to say she felt quite lopsided for the rest of the day.

Both filled eyes closed

End result w/ lots of blending

A reminder that this is just her personal opinion. Everyone has a preference for how they want their brows to look. Based on her experience, we think this product would be better suited for people with fuller brows because it wouldn’t appear to look unnatural on them. We can see the benefit a of wider tip; it takes only a few strokes to fill in your brow, so it can be a great time saver for some. All in all, her brows definitely look fuller using this pencil, but it is not as sculpted and natural as she would like them to be. Looks like she’ll be sticking to her fine tip pencils for the time being 🙂

Pros Cons
  • Cheaper than high-end brow products (not super cheap)
  • Pigmented
  • Spoolie
  • Standard colour range (except “soft back”)
  • Not precise
  • Better suited for those with fuller brows
  • Looks unnatural without lots of blending or can easily look unnatural
  • Not very long-lasting

Let us know if anyone of you tried this product? Comment below and share what your favourite brow product is. We’re always looking for ways to keep our brows on FLEEK!


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