Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask vs. GlamGlow Supermud

Bonjour mes amis! Hope you enjoyed our last post on Wet n Wild lippies. Unfortunately we don’t like everything we try out, and we really struggled with these lipsticks in particular. We want to provide a honest review and the Megalast lipsticks just didn’t make our cut. Check out last weeks post where we break down the good, the bad and the ugly…

This week it’s the battle of the masks. We are putting The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask against the infamous GlamGlow Supermud. Who will be the victor? Keep reading to find out 😉

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The Body Shop seaweed clay mask is meant to deeply cleanse your skin leaving it feeling fresh and revitalised. It contains mineral rich bladderwack seaweed which helps detoxify, purify and balance facial oils, so it’s a suitable product for those who have combination and/or oily skin. This 100% vegan mask comes in a 100 mL container and retails for $23 CAD and USD.

The GlamGlow mask is intended to help treat acne and blemishes, pores, and oiliness. It claims to have Activated-X charcoal that helps detoxify, lift impurities, and leave skin feeling brightened, softer, and overall healthier. This comes in a 1.7 oz jar (~48 mL) for $79 CAD or $69 USD. GlamGlow also offers a travel size in Canada, $24 for 5 single-use packets at 0.01 oz each.


We first came across The Body Shop mask while we took a weekend getaway to Vancouver Island. Looking for an inexpensive way to treat ourselves, we stumbled across this mask while we were in The Body Shop. We decided to give it a try since we both love a good clay mask and ended up loving it! The clay mask is a thick consistency but applies very smoothly and easily. There is a slight seaweed scent, however it is not overpowering and pretty undetectable when applied. We normally leave it on for about 25 minutes before washing it off, at which point your face feels really tight. As it drys, you can actually see the oils being pulled out from your face! Gross but very satisfying 😉 It’s easy to wash off and once it is completely gone our faces felt clean and refreshed. We did experience a bit of tightness afterward, so we recommend following up with your favourite moisturizer.

The product itself lasts a very long time. We’ve each had ours for over a year although it does start to dry out beyond that point. Price wise it’s fairly reasonable especially in comparison to high-end masks. The only drawback is that it comes in one size which may make it not as travel friendly.

Thanks to Youtube and TatiWestbrook we decided to give the GlamGlow line a try. Although we only have the sample size in the photos we have tried the full sized version for a couple of months (you may start to see which one we like better). The consistency of this mask is thinner than the Body Shop mask and it contains small pieces leaves. It’s not runny by any means which makes it easy to apply. When you first apply it, you can feel a tingling and burning sensation. You might also notice a licorice scent, and just like the clay mask it is unnoticeable once it’s on your face. We were alarmed at first but it does go away. Again you can also see your facial oils being extracted. It’s easy to wash off and similar to the clay mask our faces felt a bit tight, so we applied moisturizer right afterward.

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Completely dry. The dark spots are my facial oils being extracted.

The biggest drawback is definitely the price and the burning sensation may agitate the sensitive people out there (us included). The seaweed gives the same results but at a lower price point and more product. Save some money to buy more product 🙂 (never ending spending cycle :’) ).

Pros Cons
Body Shop
  • Affordable
  • Visibly extract oils
  • Skin feels soft and refreshed
  • Lasts a fairly long time
  • Product drys out before you can finish it
  • Comes in one size
  • Visibly extract oils
  • Skin feels soft and refreshed
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Das expensif!!!
  • Product drys out before you can finish it
  • Burns sensitive skin

Do you guys have any other dupes for the GlamGlow mask? Have you tried out the Body Shop mask? Let us know in the comments below!


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