Wet n Wild: MegaLast Lipsticks

Hey girl hey! Hope you all had an amazing week! Did you try the Sephora Makeup Remover clothes yet? If you haven’t, we highly recommend you give them a go! They’re really high quality cloths and make removing makeup a dream. Check out our last blog post if you want more details!

This week we are diving into the world of drugstore lipsticks – probably the cheapest ones on the market! Ready for a little Wet n Wild makeup?


The MegaLast Lipsticks are advertised as a 4 hour, long wear lipstick with a semi-matte cream finish. The lip colour will not cake, feather, or bleed AND it’s made with hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Microspheres (what?) and natural marine plant extracts, along with Vitamin A and E. These ingredients are meant to help the lipstick adhere to lips and help smooth lips.

It retails for a whopping $1.99 USD and about $2-3 CAD. With 26 lip colours to choose from, there’s a great variety to choose from.


We first purchased the lipsticks based on a recommendation by our favourite beauty Youtuber (shout out Tati Westbrook <3!!) a couple years back. The lipsticks were always given glowing reviews and they seemed to be the cheapest lipsticks at the drugstore so we decided to give them a try! We went a little overboard and bought a boat load of colours… although we no longer wear any of them… and some have yet to be worn out of the house. Let’s start with the pros.

First off, the lipsticks are hella cheap – we have yet to find a cheaper lipstick on the market. There was actually a point in our lives whenever we saved a couple dollars, we would compare it to how many MegaLast lipsticks we could buy (Ex. We saved $4 today – that tranlates to 2 brand new lipsticks!!!). The line also has a great selection of colours, ranging from neutrals to bold colours within the red, pink, purple family. They all have great pigmentation, which is pretty amazing for such an affordable product. True to the description, they all also have a semi-matte finish, helping to make it last a little longer than a normal cream lipstick but we don’t find that it’ll last the full 4 hours.

It’s pretty cool that you can see the product through the clear packaging, plus there’s a a colour-coordinated sticker at the bottom indicating the shade you have. We also want to give mad props to the fact that Wet n Wild is marketed as cruelty-free, so they claim that they have never tested cosmetics on animals and never will.



Bare lips

Now to the cons…

The biggest beef we have with these lipsticks are that they are extremely drying – like Sahara Desert dry. This makes application a little difficult since it tugs on your lips and it also makes for a patchy application. Because it’s so drying, it also doesn’t layer very well – again, patchy. It exaggerates all the lines on your lips and clings to any and all the dry patches you may have. To add the cherry on top, the packaging is pretty flimsy. The lipstick doesn’t retract all the way down so the lipstick gets on the cap really easily. The cap also tends to be very loose so be careful throwing it in your bag!


Note the lipstick on the caps! 😡

As genuine lipstick lovers, we tried to love these over and over again but we could just never make it work. Even during this review while playing with swatches, we wanted to give them another shot… alas… we took yet another trip to the Sahara Desert. Where’s the Hyaluronic Microspheres and Vitamin A and E? Clearly slacking. If you’re on a tight budget though or you’re looking for a specific colour to fit a makeup look, we would still recommend them. The pigmentation is insane for the price and there’s a great colour range. Other than that, we would sadly pass on these lippies 😦 if you’re looking for some great drugstore options, check out Revlon or NYX – just a few dollars more but definitely better quality lipsticks (want a review? 😉 ).

Pros Cons
  • Super affordable
  • Great pigmentation
  • Good shade selection
  • Clear packaging and colour coordinated stickers
  • Cruelty-free
  • Very dry and patchy application
  • Exaggerates lines on your lips
  • Clings to dry patches
  • Flimsy packaging

We hope you found this review helpful! Please don’t be offended if this is a lipstick you swear by – we all have different makeup needs and preferences, this is just our opinion. Let us know what kind of other drugstore lipsticks you’ve tried out, we’d love to find out!

Until next week – hasta la vista!





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