H&M: Pure Radiance Powder Blusher

Hello beautiful people! Have you guys ran to the store to pick up the Garnier hair treatment yet!? If you haven’t check our post from last week! Srsly just do it… (not sponsored by Nike…we wish though). For this week we’re focusing on the apples of our cheeks. Let’s talk about H&M blushes!



Surprised that H&M has launched a makeup line? We were too! We first found out about it through a few Youtubers and decided to give it a try ourselves after some good reviews. We visited our local H&M and lo and behold, we found the makeup section, in all its shining glory (HALLELUJAH!). We actually tried the nail polishes first (foreshadowing) before purchasing the blushes, but we quickly fell in love with the line.

The blushes are described as a pressed powder blush that gives a natural finish. The formula is sheer and buildable, and comes in 13 shades (at least in Canada). It retails for $12.99 for 5 g and can be found in store or online.



H&M blushes may just be the best drugstore blushes we’ve ever tried! The sleek packaging really caught our eye at first – the black and gold trim is to die for, truly. The design is simple and elegant – it’s not heavy or weighted like a luxury product but it’s also not flimsy. More importantly though, the product itself is fantastic. It blends like a dream and the pigmentation is very buildable. It’s a good balance between too pigmented and not at all. Whether you want a sheer wash of colour or look like a porcelain doll this blush is the one for you. Despite being a powder blush, it’s not chalky and there is very little kick off.

l1030539If you’re a person that needs a mirror in your makeup products though, this blush may not work out for you. As well, the compact could be a little sturdier, especially if you like the weight of a luxury product, but it’s not a deal breaker for us.

If you’re sold on the product, keep your eye out for a sale (we say this every week, but hey, who doesn’t want to save a little cash)! We were able to snag these babies for just $5 during a winter sale which is cheaper than most drugstore blushes.

Pros Cons
  • Sleek packaging
  • Not overly pigmented and very buildable
  • Great shade variety
  • Natural finish
  • Not powdery
  • Studier packaging (although still good by our standards)
  • No mirror

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